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An important secret to working less when managing an
organization is integration of your managment tools.
When each tool already knows what the other tools are doing,
they can do work for you — before you ask them to.
Your email system knows everything about your events,
how to inform your members, and how to get them to respond
Your events system knows when and where your next event
will be — before you do — and automatically creates a
custom web page for every event.
Your finance system knows who owes how much,
knows how to inform them and collects your money for you.
Your volunteer/task management system fills each task
with the correct number of volunteers for each event.
Your committee/board management system instantly updates
your email system with any changes.
Your guest management system automatically creates a
mailing list of all of your guests at each event.
If you're using Eventity.Net, it does.
Manage MANY events as easily as
other organizations manage ONE.
• Enter a new event with exactly 2 mouse clicks (no typing).
• Schedule up to 52 events in a single action (3 mouse clicks!).
• When you enter a new regular event (meetings, classes, religious
services), the correct time, date and location are already filled in.
• Invite and work with members, guests, and volunteers, with virtually
unlimited options for responses, pricing and payments.
• Complete management of volunteer activities ("setup or cleanup?")
and participant choices ("chicken or fish?").
Collaborate with other organizations to obtain hard-to-find
information, stay informed and coordinate activities.
Eventity.Net maintains community-wide, categorized listings of
speakers, entertainers, service providers, facilities and media
contacts, complete with contact info, specialties, reviews and more.
Team events make it easy to work with many other organizations
on large-scale events, including multi-level task management.
Integration of your finances with your members, events and
communications systems makes managing dues and fees much easier.
Assessing Dues for every member of your organization and
sending invoices takes about 30 seconds.
Accept online payments of dues, event fees, guest fees, or
anything else. No monthly fees, no minimums.
Completely customizeable fee structure for your events
Use ANY responses (not just "yes" and "no").
Different responses have different fees (or none).
Earlybird pricing encourages people to respond sooner.
Have one set of responses/prices for your members, another for their guests, another for additional participants.
Add event fees, guest fees, and more to member invoices.
Accept donations online.
Accept credit cards on-site at your events.
Resource Collaboration gives you the ability to access the
collected knowledge of your entire community, obtaining
information that you might never have found. Now you have
better, more complete information than ever before at your
fingertips — and you don't even have to ask for it!
Facilities: classrooms, board rooms, ball fields, auditoriums...
Speakers: experts on any subject
Entertainers: music, theater, art, sports, games — anything!
Services: catering, transportation, security, audio-video and more.
Media Contacts: find the right media people for the job at hand.
Resources are categorized, structured information that typically
include up-to-date contact information, features, resumés and
member reviews. Add them to any event with a few mouse clicks.
Resources are identified and documented by everyone in the community (including you) in the natural process of managing
your organization and events. No extra work is required.
Find and work with organizational partners.
• Find organizations affiliated with your national/international group.
• Find organizations of the same type as yours.
• Find organizations by category.
• Connect with organizations from a Team Event.
A single click connects you to the primary contact of
any organization.
Maintain a directory of your partners, with categories,
mailing lists and mail merge capabilities.
Team Events
Sometimes a project is too big (or too good) to keep to yourself.
Team Event Dashboard provides single-page management.
• View members, participants, volunteers, ticket sales, donations.
• Assign tasks to your partners, who then subdivide and assign
to their members.
• Track task completion.
• Group communication tools make your job MUCH easier!
Eventity.Net has its own email system with the power to
change the way you manage your organization and events.
Mail Merge: personalize your communications to your recipients.
Use a friendly greeting "Sue" instead of a formal "Susan Bradley".
Event Merge: different from Mail Merge (possibly more powerful),
Event Merge automatically inserts a wide range of event, facility
and people details into your emails.
Re-use any email: Save invitations, reminders, thank-yous,
donation requests, dues notices, etc. for future use.
Then, future emails will fill in the correct name, time, place,
speaker, entertainer, etc. for ANY event - automatically!
Smart Mailing Lists: Create new mailing lists in seconds.
For any saved email that goes to a group, changes to the group automatically change the recipients of future emails.
Instant responses to invitations and calls for volunteers
2-Click Text Messaging for ultra-fast communications
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